Had an experience last night that led me to wonder

@tablotv @tablosupport  Not that I’m looking to do it, but what happens if I was to resell my tablo to pick up a 4 tuner?  Would the person who gets it be able to activate it?  The reason I ask is that I was doing some home automation work last night with an insteon hub.  The Hub was an amazon warehouse deal (Open box).  When I tried to register it, the remote servers had it locked to a different email address and password form mine, and I had to send an email and picture of the bottom of the unit to their support to have it released so I could use it.  Would a second hand Tablo work the same way since it is registered with your servers to the current owner?  

@jbanks25 - In the subscription store, once you create an account and register your Tablo ID you’ll be able to also de-register a Tablo on your account. 

So, let’s say you pick up a 4-Tuner, you’d go an add it to your account and then remove the 2-Tuner. This will leave the 2-Tuner’s ID free to be registered by the new owner. 

Unless you want to be a nice guy (and violate the subscription terms of use) and pay for his subscription.