Guide Updates for Decades TV in DFW Area

On Sunday (Oct 6) I did a channel scan on my Tablo 4-Tuner to add a couple of new stations. I’m in the DFW, Texas area and added Dabl (11.3) and Decades (4.2). I can watch both channels on Live TV.

The guide populated Dabl immediately after I added the new channels, but not Decades. This didn’t particularly concern me as I expected the guide to update later.

My Tablo & router got rebooted on Oct 7th. due to a temporary power outage.

As of this morning (Oct 8), the guide still does not show any programs for the Decades channel. I’ve checked this on my Roku and the Chrome browser app.

Has anyone else experienced this in the DFW area?

It sounds like our guide data provider could be missing the guide data for 4.2 in your area. Our support team and confirm and solve this - just send us a support ticket and we’ll take a look.

Dr. Jack, in 75035, I’m getting data for 11.3 DABL but not 4.2 Decades

Hello StuTomato,
Glad to hear it’s just not me with this problem.
I’ve submitted a a trouble ticket with Tablo support for this issue.

And it’s not just your area. In NW Ohio I has 2 stations add and swap (and drop) sub-channels. Of course I rescanned, and anticaped it may take time. 2 weeks later and my guide hasn’t caught up.

I did send in a ticket, they asked me to rescan. Still waiting, and now I have a couple weeks of “To Be Announced”. …which I hoped cleared up overnight.

@StuTomato, I also submitted a ticket for DECADES in the Frisco area. However, they told me they didn’t see the channel in my lineup :slight_smile: Probably just a timing thing with whatever they use to perform support. I listed 75033, 75034 and 75035 and metioned the problem my affect more zips in general Dallas Ft. Worth area.

I submitted a ticket to Tablo a few days ago and they indicated they would contact the guide data provider and add DECADES 4.2 for my zip code which 76051 (Grapevine, TX). I was told and I’m seeing here that it takes a few days.

Seems like many of us in the DFW area have submitted trouble tickets for this problem.
Here’s what I received from Tablo Support yesterday:

If the missing channels are already available in our guide data provider’s database, it should take 2-5 business days for the channels to show up on your Tablo. If the channels are not yet available for our guide data provider, it can take up to 10-15 days before they show up on your Tablo. This depends on how quickly the broadcasters send over the missing data.

My Tablo picked up guide information for DFW Decades 4-2 this morning :slightly_smiling_face:

I too have the guide info for Decades TV (4.2) in the DFW area.
Problem solved.