Guide Update is Fails Once (or more) per Week

I have seen a few mentions of the guide not updating. As I understand the process, the guide should update daily. I have read several entries about issues with the guide update. I have found that it seems about once or twice a week the guild will not update. I have gotten in the habit of checking it every morning and if it shows the guide update 1 day ago I use the Update Now feature. I will start logging how many times this happens and open a support ticket if needed, but I thought I’d reach out in the forums first to see if anyone else has come across this.

I have rebooted my Tablo and the time is correct on my Table. My internet service is through Charter and has been very stable so I am very confident I am not losing connectivity once or more per week. The other thing I have thought of doing is not performing the Update Now and see if the guide will auto-update the next day.

Any other thoughts or suggestions before I open a support ticket?

Has it every said more than 1 day ago? Like 2, 3, 4? Maybe it just didn’t get to the updating for that day and you’re checking it frequently so you’re seeing the 1 day.

Thanks for the response. I’ll let it go longer and see if I’m just jumping the gun. It usually updates around 3am because when I am up at 6am the normal status I see is that it updated 3 hours ago. I’m going to make note of the times I don’t see an update (to make sure I’m not exaggerating and to have that info for support, if necessary) and let it go another day or two before I perform an Update Now.

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Okay when I created my topic entry the guide update had been updated “1 day ago”. Yesterday it said it had been updated 2 days ago. This morning it said it had been updated 3 hours ago. So it does look like it eventually runs on its own, I’m just not sure why it is not running every day, like it used to. I’ll either live with it or break down and open a support ticket.

My guide status says it updated 8 hours ago, which is around 4AM my time.
Maybe the guide won’t update if someone is using the Tablo, or a scheduled recording is running?