Guide Update Features Tablo Roku App (4th Gen) Update (v. 0.8.500)

Updated Tablo Gen4 app (0.8.500 - 734366) on Roku Ultra 4802X this evening. For sh*ts & giggles ran the “New” Guide Update via settings menu. Progress is at 51% after 5 minutes, 73% 3 minutes later, 100% 2 minutes later. so like 10 minutes total. Roku & Tablo both on same hardwired Ethernet, with 500mbs internet connection. Seems like there’s room for improvement there but I don’t consider this a major issue.

Overall, with this Tablo Roku update the UI seems to perform a bit snappier. Thumbnails seem to pop up faster, navigation is smoother, etc.

After about 10 minutes of watching live TV I WAS still kicked back to the guide. I’ll try other channel and report back. At least the app didn’t totally bomb.

Obviously this thing is still a work in progress. Maybe the upcoming Roku OS update will help. Fingers crossed.

Guide update has little to do with your internet speed. It has to do with the number of channels and the number of deletes, updates, and adds.

You didn’t say if you had previously gotten the tablo message to disable CC.

And just what Roku update are you expecting?

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First off, no I didn’t see any Tablo warning/pop-up re closed captions.

Secondly, word is that Roku OS 13 is being released in beta

Also, I ran a guide update not a channel scan. Guide update should be super quick.

Since tablo didn’t say just how and where the knowledge to turn off CC is stored, one can only guess it’s local to the roku device. Or if rebooting a roku loses the setting.

There is normally nothing pleasant about the release of a major roku release such as 13.0.0. Release 12.0.0 was a major update to the video player. And they are on 12.5.5 and still have problems. And it’s not limited to tablo. Other OTT products have issues.

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Depends on what that guide update involves. Like is it just a delta of changes, a full guide update, etc.

Again, I don’t consider this a major issue. My overnight guide updates have always been fine. Was just reporting what I experienced and my perception of that.

Having said that, the guide update should be a pretty straight forward data fetch (restful API GET call). Can’t imagine that it’s all that much data,