Guide update - Chicago

Chicago CBS was on a very hard to get frequency of 2.1 and the ‘Decades’ channel on 2.2.

About a week ago they started repeating these channels on the much easier to get frequencies of 48.3 (CBS) and 48.4 (Decades). I wasn’t sure if this was permanent or not, but last night while watching CBS I saw a station add advising viewers to rescan for CBS as they have ‘added’ 48.3 so this appears to be a permanent addition.

I am posting because although I rescanned a week ago and can watch 48.3 and 48.4, the tablo guide doesn’t show the listings for these channels.

Luckily I live close enough to the Sears Tower (where the signal broadcasts from) that I can watch 2.1 (CBS) most days, but I would prefer to switch to the higher frequency 48.3. Can these two channels be added to the scheduling guide? Right now the guide shows these channels, but does not show any listings.

I second this request

Hey guys! Send this over to our support team and we can get it logged with our provider right away.