Guide subscription question

Not that I want to pay extra (although I will), but I seem to have missed where you actually subscribe to the guide.  Is there a link off of the main page?

I saw an awesome ad that stated if you buy TabloTV now before the 31st you will get 2 months of guide data free.  At the end of the ad it says psst. don’t worry if you are already a TabloTV customer this offer has already been put into place for you


@jbanks25 - Yep, we’re giving everyone some extra free time as a thank you to existing users, as an incentive to people who were hemming and hawing, and in hopes that this will help spread the cord cutting word :slight_smile:

We’ll be sending instructions on how to get your subscription squared away in the coming weeks. (Long story short, it’ll be through a web portal where you can see info about your subscription including the units that you have registered.)

All the details are here:

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Same here.  I just got mine last week

How can I tell if I got the 60 day free guide data?  I ordered my Tablo from Newegg on May 30th so I should have received it, correct?  If so, I was just curious how I can tell.  Thank you!

@grahaa23 - Yes, you have received it. We’ll be providing more info on our subscription service in the next few weeks which will include the ability to see your subscription information in an online portal. 

I didn’t order mine until this last weekend. But I cannot find anyplace that says how to order the subscription. No registration, how do you know who I am or what I am entitled to??? And how do I know I need to pay???

I don’t think they have built the web portal for all that yet, so it’s fee until they do I suspect.

Well, if that is the case I only have 24 hours and that is not good. I would prefer to have 14 days :wink:

No you have 14 days of data but in the webui if you look at EPG you will only see 24 hrs… Its a feature request I and others have asked for. If u pre ordered the quad tuner then you will get 6 months free of guide data. I think the dual tuners came with 12 months if I’m not mistaken.

So in the iPad I can only see 24 hours, but it actually has 14 days? How do we know that? If I search for a show that is up June 19th it does not show up. So how can we say there is 14 days??

Are you saying the data is only displayed for 24 hours? If so, what is the point of saying 14 days?

Plus I should say, that special ended at the end of May…

ok, so just as a FYI, I downloaded the guide for the 3rd time today and I finally can see shows a couple weeks out if I go directly to them. That was not the case after downloading twice today, the initial guide and I downloaded again.