Guide Status: updated 2 days ago


Ok, I just forced a download, but why would it be 2 days without downloading???

Doesn’t 14 days worth of data get downloaded at a time?  So unless things change drastically in the schedule, 2 days isn’t a big deal?

@Pundit it should download daily, so that is an issue.

And then it is not 14 days it is only 12 days :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jestep This could happen if your Tablo isn’t able to contact our association server - this is really the only thing your Tablo uses the Internet for. So, if your network is down or very slow, the connection could timeout.

Your Tablo does this overnight so that you don’t notice any interruptions… If it fails one (or two) nights in a row, it will compensate and download all the info it needs on its next successful guide update.We haven’t seen this happen too often, so let me know if you see this again.

@TabloSupport, it has not happened since and is current, so no idea. I am running at 100MB down. ANd when it goes out, because it does, it is usually only for a few minutes.