Guide Status always shows - updated 2 months ago

The Guide Status on my settings page always says “updated 2 months ago” even after completing a manual update (clicking the “Update Now” button).  Should I be concerned about this?

Table Device: 2.1.28

HTML Application: 1.0.17-491

Not if your guide is up to date.

But try power cycling your Tablo?

Also, can you check on another front end? iPad, Android phone, another computer?

It isn’t normal.   I would also do what theuser86 says and see if it is on all your devices or just one.

Well, it shows the same thing through browser, and Android.  So, I guess something is amiss.  What is the question.

@badhoy Weird. Is your live TV screen totally blank? Or is the guide data actually there?

My live TV screen has guide data that is correct.

@badhoy Then your guide data is updating. Just weird that it’s not displaying that. Try deleting the Tablo from the web app and then re-adding it:

Head over to, and select the ‘Tablo’ icon. You should see a ‘connect’ prompt there. To the right, a red X should be visible. Select the red X and confirm to delete the Tablo from that device.

@TabloSupport I have the same issue, however I can confirm that
a) my guide data is up to date, I added channels multiple times to confirm that its updating,
b) update gets stuck at 0%, 18%, 22% frequently
c) it does complete, almost always after long wait, with “updated 2 months ago” message
c) the aforesaid step do not help fix the issue

@bivasdas - That’s quite odd.

There’s one thing it could be which you can check yourself… It could be that one of the stations you have in your channel lineup is off the air permanently. If this is the case, removing it from your channel lineup should give you an accurate reflection of the last updated time.

If that’s not the case, we’d like to take a look at your box to confirm a few things. You can start this process by placing a ticket

This is still happening on my unit. Everything seems to be working.

problem solved with 2.2.6 firmware.