Guide Showing Incomplete Information

Just got my Tablo last week and so far I love it! But having an issue with the guide where some channels show no guide information and others do. Does the guide only show information from the channels within your designated broadcast area? I am picking up stations from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Salisbury MD. Entering in my zip code, I only get guide information for Baltimore and Philly stations. Technically, Baltimore is considered my local broadcast area. Changing my zip code for an area south of me (closer to Salisbury), I will get guide information for the Salisbury stations but loose the Philly stations. I would like to get the guide information from all three markets because I get different channels from the different markets (CBS, FOX & PBS from Salisbury, ABC from Baltimore, and NBC from Philly). I have two antennas - one pointed to Baltimore and one pointed to Salisbury - which seems to be the best way for me to receive all the major networks. Is there an effective work-around so I get guide information from all three areas? Right now, I’m still on the trial guide (don’t know if that’s the limitation) and wouldn’t mind paying for the subscription, but with missing information it may not be worth it.

I believe the guide is based on your zip code and you can only enter one at a time. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

Open a Support Ticket with Tablo so they can add all those channels to your zip code. The Tablo loads the guide data for the channels associated to your zip code. This is why you’re having issues with channels from two cities.

Thank you! I’ll submit the support ticket and see what happens. I was playing around with different zip codes tonight and got it down to only two missing channel guide listings out of the 10 channels I receive.

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@Fluxing - Yes, please do place a ticket! We’ll get that patched up for you. :slight_smile: