Guide service required?

I have a dual hdmi that I use in my living room then stream to my bedroom via roku. It’s been working great for a while now, but this morning I’m getting an error message on the app in the bedroom that says a TV guide service is required. It shows me a more information link that I visited, and there’s nothing on that page about a guide service being required. I even went to the dual hdmi product page and didn’t see any mention of guide being required there either. In fact, it says the guide service is free for 30 days then is optional after that.

I’m feeling kinda duped right now. I can’t find any evidence that a subscription is required, yet my box is refusing to stream until I buy one. Has anyone else experienced this?

Here’s the link to the Tablo Dual HDMI page. Check Subscriptions near the bottom of the page where it says that “A subscription also enables some of Tablo’s cooler features like in-home streaming to additional televisions.”.

Ugh, I guess I didn’t read carefully enough. Thank you!

@TabloTV I suggest that you make the requirement to have a subscription to do in-home streaming with the HDMI unit more prominent in your docs - it’s easy to miss.

I agree. I read it as being optional. It should be reworded on the site or made more prominent that it isn’t in fact optional, it’s a requirement.

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Well the “TV connected DVR” Tablo DUAL HDMI isn’t intended to be a primary networking streaming DVR. That is what their “Network connected DVRs” are for, in house streaming doesn’t require a subscription.

This was shamefully noted when the device was first announced… pay to stream in your own house!

One possible, kind of work-around, it does work with 3rd party apps (confirmed Tablo Ripper), but since it’s technically streaming, it’s unclear if it needs the subscription.