Guide scrolling amazon fire tv

Anyone seen this before…

On the fire tv second gen, when scrolling through the guide. It stops scrolling once I get to a specific channel number. 29.1 in the philly area.

All channels scroll through till they get to 29.1.

I am going to reboot the fire tv once this is us is over, wife watching right now. And I’ll make sure the app has stopped.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior…

I am wired via power line adapters. Will report back later.

Using the Fire TV 1st gen, never seen it.

If rebooting the Fire TV doesn’t work, then delete the Tablo app from the Fire TV, reboot it and then re-install it. This will cause a fresh sync.

I don’t know if it’s a sync issue. Part of the guide was there.

Idkn maybe a guide sync issue since only part of it shows up.

Ok did a force stop on the app and relaunched it. Guide seems to be fine now. I’ll see if it happens again.