Guide question RE: ION TV

I’m still a “newbie” so, sorry if this was covered elsewhere. I actually did a search but found nothing.

My Tablo is the Quad 4 OTA DVR and I’m currently on free trial for the premium guide.

My guide seems to work but I have an ION channel that shows up on the list (left column) but no content is shown - just a bunch of “zebra stripes”. In my case it’s channel 43 out of Kalamazoo/Battle Creek MI.

I’ve rescanned and refreshed my system many times during the installation procedure.

Any comments?

Assuming that the channel plays by playing it from the Live TV channel number, this usually means the channel is unknown for your zip code.

Open a ticket with the channel number and zip code. to get the guide provider to update distribution.

In the mean time you could modify the zipcode on the settings page to see if ION is known for that zip code.

Thanks…er…how does one “open a ticket”?

As zippy said, try a nearby zip code in the meantime to see if the guide information populates for said channel.

Open a ticket and tell them the whole channel number - 43.2 or 43.3 or whatever

OK, found it and did it!

I live in a two zip code city about 8 miles long north to south. For years I used my zip code without issue. Then one day like you my guide/live TV was all messed up. I tried everything I could think of and nothing would fix it. I then found on the forum to try another zip code. So I changed it to the south side code and it fixed everything, back to normal. Not sure why this happens and I never changed it back to my “north side” code.