Guide not updating past tomorrow

My guide will not go past 8am tomorrow morning - 24 hrs from now. I first noticed it last night - I did a manual update of the guide - and again today - but it just stops at 8am tomorrow. It should be a 2 week guide. Any ideas?

Once you finish the trial, you need a subscription to get the two weeks of guide data. Do you have a subscription?

There are 2 weeks of data for searching shows and scheduling. The live TV grid only displays 24 hours at a time.

Guide itself is only 24 hours, but if you click on shows or movies, you will see 2 weeks worth.

Ahhh that makes sense. I was looking for a program, via the grid, Sunday night and it wouldn’t display. I kind of wish it would go out further. Thanks for the fast replies.

I also wish it would go out further than 24 hours. A two week guide is a must when you know something is airing in the future but want to pick which time is good for you. The shows page lets you pick the shows but the options do not let you pick ALL NEW shows. I have that option picked on my Tablo 4 tuner on the daily guide but it does not record all NEW programs. I have to manually choose record each week. Please fix this so I don’t have to do this each week or when a season ends and restarts next season.

You should already be able to do this. When you select a series, select ‘Record’ and either ‘Record new’ or ‘Record all’.It will automatically schedule new airings as they come up.

The ‘Guide’ screens (TV shows, Movies, Sports) all display 14 days worth of data (assuming you’re on a subscription or a 30-day free trial).

The shows nerd to be marked as NEW. For example nothing on METV or ANTENNA TV, GETTV, etc. have NEW shows. So record new would record NOTHING on those channels.