Guide not loading several strong stations

I have strong signals from these three stations (5 green dots). On my mobile devices I can stream them well by clicking the channel, like 31-1. But, on Roku it takes me to a program, not a channel, so on TV it’s not possible to watch. That aside, my main question is why would these three channels not show up in the guide? I’ve never been able to get them in the guide, even after rescan. And, as I say, the scan catches them and I can click on any mobile device to watch, but it would be nice to see what’s there to watch and record.

Hi @DianeK - When this happens there’s usually not guide data associated to the particular zip code you used during setup. If you pop a note over to with the specifics of what zip code you’re using and the channels you’re missing we can get that fixed up.

In the meantime, try using an adjacent zip code to see if you can get the channel data to pop up.

Thanks. Emailed zip and got a response a few hours later to expect to see the update in a few days. Works for me.

Great! Keep us posted and let us know when you see them pop up!