Guide not downloading

The program guide on my Tablo Quad does not download during the nightly maintenance period. I have NO idea if the Tablo is even doing nightly maintenance. The network is very reliable and I monitor traffic on my router. I see traffic from other devices during the maintenance period but nothing from Tablo.Manual download works.

I have tried contacting support but the agents don’t seem to be aware of the nightly auto- download!

I have even reset to factory specs but that didn’t change anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I noticed if you don’t have your zip code in there, the guide borks.

Thanks for the response. I just double checked and I’ve got the right zip code.

@Willbean We found your ticket and have escalated it. Stay tuned.


I found the issue with some guidance from Lauren in support. It turns out that there must have been something going on with the smart power strip. I couldn’t find anything but the issue went away after a factory reset of the power strip!

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I’m sure there were features built into a smart switch that would cause a customer to spend extra money to buy it.

The idea was to be able to start and stop the components while not at home through Alexa.

Seems to have worked. For most smart devices used via alexa you get the alexa settings plus all the default settings that come preset for the device.

The thing I learned is when you purchase a smart device ALWAYS do a factory reset before installing it.