Guide no longer rates the movies

I liked that the movies were given 1 to 4 stars. I found this helpful in choosing what to watch. It seems the movies no longer are rated in the Tablo Guide. Why? Can you change it back? I really liked having the star ratings as a guide.

I have stars for Roku, Fire stick, and browser.

What app? Which platform? I still have rating in the web browser i/f.

The preview fire stick app doesn’t have them. But you get what you get with a preview app.

Thanks everyone. I have Roku Premiere + and using Tablo Firmware version 2.216.
The Movie ratings stopped showing on my Guide several weeks ago.

If you open a ticket you should include the zipcode, Roku OS version (7.7 or 8.), and tablo app version - by now every Roku should be on 2.3.0 or 2.3.2.

That is good to know. Two or three days ago I ‘clicked’ to check for a Tablo update and it indicated that I had the most recent version.

Whoops, I re-read your message and realized you were talking about Roku and not Tablo being on 2.3.0 or 2.3.2. Sorry for the confusion and Thank You.