Guide moving forward shows unknown error

When trying to tape show 3 hours forward from current time a error message appears “An unknown error occurred” this happens often!

You got to explain this better lol

What device, how are you scheduling it, etc.
Maybe include some screenshots to explain properly.

I have run into something similar myself. Nvidia Shield device. When the latest Tablo Android App was released every time I tried to exit the Tablo app it would show “Unknown Error” on the screen. It took two to three tries to exit. I cleared the data and cache and that issue stopped. About a week ago just scrolling through the live schedule it threw a “Unknown Error”. I cleared the data and cache again.

Sony TV, Tablo Lite,
Just attempted to scroll on guide showing 2:00pm to 4:00pm and Unknown Error appears.
I pay for the extended guide service and cannot view or record after 2 hrs of current time!

Delete the Tablo app from your playback device (say Roku).

Reboot your Tablo (aka power cycle). Reboot your router. Reboot your playback device. Then install the Tablo app again (a new install).

I’d suggest removing tape from tablo as well :poop: