Guide Missing Many Channels

I just connected my new Tablo and hard drive read, etc. Scanned for channels for 33967 (Fort Myers, FL) and got 25 returns. Of the ones I wanted all showed five green dots. Added them to my channel lineup and waited for guide scan. Only two channels have come back with the scan on my iPad app. I’ve rescanned and tried updating the guide many times. No more guide information. I really need it to record if I’m unplugging. I’m going to try my AndrodTV box and see if the Android app is the same. I need my guide information. Have updated the Tablo software as well.

How long did you actually wait for the guide data? Try putting in a different zip code. I’m in 33905 just north of you and don’t have any issues with the guide data. It does take a couple hours to fully populate.

Also, try using Chrome browser on a PC (

It usually takes a few hours to populate guide data on a new Tablo. Can you check now?

Just did. Still only two channels populated. Tried the update as well.

Okay. I’ll try that. As of 8:00 pm, still only 22-1 and 46-1 populated.

Okay, so I figured out the problem, perhaps. After reading that 33905 populated, I changed my zip code to 33912 (my old zip code) and the guide all populated within 2 hours! It seems that my current zip of 33967 only recognized the two channels out of Naples, perhaps thinks I’m closer to there. Utilizing 33912 it populated all the channels picked up on the scan. I’m good now. Great product. My only wish is that there was a selection for a specific amount of time I want to extend LIVE events. Football games can go over. Have selected for extension of live events, so we’ll see.

When you have the extension of live events, it extend the recording by 50%. So a two hour show will have a 3 hour recording, and you should be safe for most sporting events. But most of here would like to see a manual extend option for any show.

Glad you have your guide working now.

You should report that guide issue to support so they can inform the guide provider. I figured it was a problem with the provider’s list of channels for that zip.