Guide missing data in android app

Recrtly I’ve noticed the guide data not being populated for some channels. It looks to be the secondary channels (not CBS. NBC, etc). The guide on my Roku (preview) is populated though. Running an update on the guide doesn’t work. I have the latest firmware.

So the live TV grid is populated on the Roku?

If yes, what devices have a grid where the data is not populated?

My paired android phone. It was populated the first few days but lately there are channels with no data in the guide.

Can you please try accessing the grid via in the Chrome browser on a computer? Let us know if the entire guide data shows up.

I’m at the relatives, I’ll check tonight.

If it works on the Roku it sounds like the Tablo itself has all the relevant data.

My suggestion would be delete the app from your phone then reboot your phone and re-install the app.

that worked, must have been a bug. Atleast I knew I would pair with the tablo again soon. If I was away for a while, re-installing the app would mean I would lose all functionality with the tablo until I pair again.

The preview version which is missing some cf features