Guide marking reruns of Young Sheldon as new

The guide is making reruns of Young Sheldon (and no other shows, that I’ve found) as new, and therefore the unit is recording reruns when “record new” is set. Kind of strange, and not really a major problem, but it’s worth looking into I suppose.

Attached are the some screenshots of next week’s episode, season 4 ep 10, which is definitely not new. Local station is KUTV in Utah, and I can provide the translator info if it makes any difference.

I just confirmed the same 12/16/2021 episode does NOT show flagged as new for me…

Maybe an issue with the guide data for your zip code?

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I’m on the West coast and mine is marked as new. But if you record new and save this show you probably already have this episode on your disk. And if you have the nodups option turned on it won’t re-record.

Otherwise just delete it. I’m more concerned about actual new episodes of a show that are not marked as new and thus don’t record.

Like I said, I don’t think it’s really a big deal. Just something worth looking into. However, old episodes being marked as new suggests it’s possible some new episodes may be marked as old so it’s definitely worth tracking down.

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