Guide listings do not match

I have a Gen 4 Tablo that Im running on Roku.

The Roku listings do not match the channels. They match fine on my android phone.

I uninstalled the app then reinstalled it. No change. I rescanned channels. No change.

What is the fix?

According to other posts, you need to do the channel scan on a non-Roku device. Then the Roku will work properly.

No help. It worked originally on the ROKU, then just went stupid. It works on my android fine. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app did nothing. Powering down reboot did nothing either. Apparently, there’s a cache on the Roku that’s persistent.

Hoping someone has an answer.

Since the problem is already there… Before redoing a channel scan on your smartphone, you first need to clear the Roku’s jumbled interpretation of the line-up. Here’s how:

Close the Roku Tablo app. On your smartphone Tablo app, remove all channels from the lineup EXCEPT for ONE streaming (non-broadcast) channel and save it.

Again on your smartphone, re-scan the channels and select your line-up, then save it. Now on your Roku, go to Settings >>> System >>> Power, and RESTART your Roku device. Perform the same restart on any Roku boxes you use with Tablo. This causes the Roku’s Tablo app to acquire the correct lineup that you set on your smartphone.

If any Roku device’s Tablo still has trouble acquiring the correct channel line-up that you see in your smartphone, you should uninstall the Tablo app from your Roku, then reinstall it. Open it, let it connect to your Table - and from there, the only lineup it can acquire is the correct one you did on your smartphone.

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