Guide issue? New show wasn't scheduled to record

This may have been a glitch with the guide provider, but I have Instinct scheduled to record new episodes. Tonight, there are two new episodes airing on CBS at 8 PM and 9 PM, but only the one at 9 PM was scheduled to record (orange flag and orange underline). Unscheduling Instinct from recording new episodes and rescheduling to record new episodes fixed i (I hope!) such that both episodes are now scheduled to record tonight. .

Anyone else see this with their Instinct scheduling? Fortunately, I check key settings daily, so I won’t be missing the earlier episode.

Both episodes of Instinct on my Tablo are listed as episode 8. I have to manually select to record the second episode otherwise it is not selected to record even if it’s a new episode.

Odd, mine has them identified as episode 8 and episode 9, and the episode titles are different as well, Long Shot and Bad Actors, respectively.

I have the no record dups option on.

A month or two ago I had the program “Instinct” set to record new. When I checked the recordings for Instinct I had two recordings marked as episode 4 that were actually different episodes. One was actually episode 3.

So there can be flaws in the guide data shipped out to specific zip codes. Also the actual information provided to guide suppliers by the television station can forget to flip on the new flag.

I just checked. Instinct episode 8 and 9 are both in my recordings list (9 is still recording).

Both recorded on mine.

I checked this morning and both episode 8 and 9 had been recorded, following my manual intervention. Usually, when something seems off with the schedule, I’ll verify what I’m seeing using Titan Tv. I think in this case, there was a glitch in the guide data in my zip code for episode 8.