Guide issue. Jeopardy! Greatest of all time

Anyone else seeing Jeopardy! Greatest of all time showing up in their live TV grid on ABC at 8PM tonight? Since the GOAT was decided last night, the series is over. They had been projecting that the show would run through Friday, and Tablo is still reflecting that in their program guide but now that the tournament is over, ABC reverts to their regular schedule. TitanTV picked up the change, but Tablo’s guide provider looks to have missed the boat. So, shows that you’d normally record, i.e. The Goldbergs tonight, they on’t get picked up unless you do a manual recording.

Note: I specifically didn’t mention the winner so as not to give it away if you haven’t watched last night’s episode yet.

Yes…I noted the same thing…but I just did an update on my guide data (which normally wouldn’t have happened this late in the day) and I now have Goldbergs being recorded tonight…so, if you update your guide data, you should get the updated data as well

Strangely…tonight’s episode is not set as ‘New’, but my Tablo did set it to record, despite the fact that I’m only set to record new…

The guide provider must do updates throughout the day, or maybe @TabloSupport is following this thread and requested it. When I forced a guide update about 7 AM PST this morning, it was still showing Jeopardy! GOAT. After reading your post, I forced another update and I’m now showing The Goldbergs. It’s flagged as NEW, and scheduled to record.

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Shoot, my (wifi based) guide on live TV still shows it at 8PM (TCL R525).