Guide info won't populate

We live in the Milwaukee area and I have our current 53150 zip code set. When it’s dark out and I point our 8 bay antenna on a rotor towards Chicago 75 miles away as the crow flies, I can also get channel 5,7,9,26,32 and 50 from Chicago. However, the guide info of those channels would never populate. Is this because of my settings of local zip code? What if I change local zip code setting to a zip code half way between Milwaukee and Chicago? Think that might fix it?

Yes it is, contact Tablo support directly and have them add the guide data for those channels to your zip code.

Good idea to let them know there’s a unsupported rotor in use. The post implies you don’t get these channels regularly “When it’s dark out”… so let them know, presumably, it’ll be changing back and forth - so they’ll need to update it as needed.

No, they won’t need to update it “as needed”. All they’re doing is telling the guide provider that it’s possible to get those stations in that zip code. If a particular user doesn’t get them ever (or at certain times), it doesn’t matter.

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Ok, they update the zicode not the user info - thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

This. Thanks for explaining it better than me!