Guide info for Phoenix, AZ

There are two issues with the guide info for Phoenix, AZ. First is KPAZ 21.5 POSTV–all the guide has been displaying for over a week now after every day’s update is “Movie”, “Movie”, “Movie”, etc. My neighbor has Tablo’s “competitor” (with the free guide) and is showing the listings for this channel so the guide data is apparently available. And KFPH-CD 35.4 shows guide info for QVC but is broadcasting Ion Mystery.

The best way to fix your problem is to go to Tablo Support | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo and submit a ticket to the support group. They will contact Gracenote and let them know there is a problem with the guide and hopefully get it resolved.

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Yep, this happens for POSITIV every once in a while in Phoenix. I’ve run into it before. Send a ticket ad mentioned and they will correct it.

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Oh, great…thanks! Since I’m new here didn’t really know the procedure and when I googled the issue it sent me here.

I’m in Tempe and get 123 channels. The listings on 21.5 and fine. Suggest you might want to try another zip code.

ZIP shouldn’t matter in this case though right? As long as 21.5 is being identified with the same broadcaster within the city I don’t think that should be a factor should it?. I also saw the problem that the OP asked about this morning, but after doing a guide update a few minutes ago, seems to be ok now.

I believe the guide is at a zip code level so in some cases it CAN matter.

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Tablo support had me edit my channel lineup, remove the two channels in question, update the guide, do a channel scan and add the channels back. The guide for 21.5 is now correct but 35.4 still says QVC. They never mentioned anything about a zip code.

Interesting, 35.4 is Ion Mystery in Queen Creek/Gilbert

Not here in Mesa. Maybe zip codes do have something to do with it. Tablo is still working with me via email on this.

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