Guide info and listings

My local over the air ch 7.7 Oxygen has not had guide data for months. Also some channel logos are not correct or don’t have logos.

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I have the same issue with oxygen channel. On my guide, oxygen channel information is on the BUZZR (game show) channel and when you tell it to record what it shows on BUZZR which says/shows oxygen thumbnails, the recordings record BUZZR content with Oxygen thumbnails. Obviously, it means Oxygen content can’t be recorded but if I want to watch Oxygen I click on the Oxygen network thumbnail which has no guide content and I can view Oxygen.

I don’t know if it is an issue with the content provider not having things lined up but I stopped asking. I’ve given this over to support but no resolution other than a generic redo the guide after inserting and resetting channels which doesn’t fix anything.

I have a couple of channels with no guide info. The following is what Tablo advised.

Our guide data provider doesn’t have access to these channels in your area, and we unfortunately do not have an ETA on when or if they will be added. We are actively working with our guide data provider to attempt to resolve this issue, but do not have more insight to offer at this time.

Did they really mean your area or your zip code. You can always try a zip code closer to the broadcast tower.