Guide incorrect for Pawn Stars

The Guide has the program starting 5 minutes after the hour, but it really starts on the hour, so I end up missing the opening pawn sale. Please have this corrected. It would be too much trouble to have to manually schedule so many episodes and keep track of new episodes.

Which channel is this happening on?

Channel 20.1 WBXX-DT

I also notice the Orville is scheduled to start on minute after the hour, which I suspect is incorrect.

Channel 43.1 FOX WTNZ in zip code 37921

Please have the guide corrected for this program as well. Thanks.

Orville starting at 9:01PM is not unique to your ZIP code and thus might be considered correct.

Hi zippy; agreed it may be β€œ01” in other zip codes but very, very strange since all other programs are scheduled to start exactly on the hour or half-hour.

A similar problem with Pawn Stars which must start before β€œ05” since the recordings are always missing the opening scenes.

May you can record an episode of Pawn Stars as a sanity check to see if it starts at β€œ05” in your zip code.

I don’t have Pawn Stars or that OTA channel in my ZIP code. But being on the west coast I might have tons of shows on various crazy topics. But not Chumlee

It appears the time schedule for Pawn Stars has been fixed.

Thanks for the assist, Tablo Techs.

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