Guide has wrong channel and time

I am about to return my tablo. Unlike most people, I bought it mostly to have a guide for my husband that would be similar to the cable we canceled. Our TVs are older and have only a minimal built in guide. The dvr was just a bonus. I had a heck of a time setting it up and now that I finally think I have it working… The guide has both the wrong time and channel number.

I have rescanned and updated the guide multiple times with no change. I tried changing our zip code to Phoenix which is where our local repeaters signal comes from. It automatically switches back to my actual zip code.

If I click on the channel, it plays the correct program for the station number and time… Which is totally different than what the guide says.

It appears to be giving us numbers and times for Las Vegas.

For instance… 5.1 is cbs in Phoenix and 5.1 is fox in LV. Our guide shows fox shows with LV times. The actual show when you do “watch” is correct.

The only thing worse than no guide is a guide with the wrong programs and times.

The Tablo pulls the time zone from the device you use to set it up. Set it up with a computer that has the right time (aka perform a channel scan again and hit add to guide).

If that doesn’t work, contact Tablo directly with a support ticket. I’m sure it’s an easy fix.

Our time zone is correct on everything in our house. I have rescanned and added to the guide at least 15 times.

It is not only the times that are wrong but also the station names listed. If I want to watch cbs…I have to pick fox. If I pick fox at 5:00, it will play cbs 6:00 programming.

The actual shows are fine but the guide shows the channel numbers and times for Las Vegas instead of Phoenix.

Sounds like something really wrong with the guide data associated to your zip code.

I have our zip code for Omaha even though I live in Lincoln. I actually had to google the zip code that I wanted so my guide would show all my channels I actually get. More of my channels are clearer from there than here. I have even disabled the channels from Lincoln, because it was trying to record both sets of channels. I have never had it reset to my zip code. I wish I could help. But I wanted to let you know it does work, we just have to figure out why yours isn’t. I have had this setup for more than a year.

I finally got my zip code to “stick” on Phoenix and it is still downloading the guide, but the stations that have popped up are right. We don’t have any channels of our own in our little town , just repeaters from Phoenix. But living much closer to Vegas seems to confuse the guide.

My problem seemed to be that the connection to the tablo kept dropping and when it does that while it is scanning, it seems to go back to my location.

I was not surprised at the problem but couldn’t seem to fix it. Living in a small town has it’s challenges.

Now if I could just keep a connection long enough to use it that might make the tablo worthwhile . :grinning:

Are you using the wifi on the tablo? I found I couldn’t use the wifi the signal would keep dropping. I also do not have a place by my router to put the tablo. I use the TP Link Powerline adapters. I started using these back when my internet was that 14.99 charter package, so 3 mbps (very slow) download. I do have faster internet now, but I still use these to keep my signal stable.

I am wired. We had powerlines but I just switched to moca adapters. I first tried it in the living room through an ethernet switch box attached through the moca. I couldn’t get a good signal from the antenna even though it works perfectly directly into the tv.

I switched it to the bedroom where our router is and attached it to a different antenna. We usually get 216 mbps directly from the router but we also get 86 mbps through the moca where I tried it first… So I don’t think speed is the problem.

I don’t understand exactly how the stream works. Apparently it uses wireless to run even if the streaming device is using ethernet.? So how do I know which wireless it is using? I actually have two wireless access points. Each one with a 2.4g and a 5g. But one is considerably faster than the other.

@shariv Not sure if you’re still having issues, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly via email, or to give us a ring - we’d be happy to answer any questions over the phone: 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688).