Guide has blank channel data on Engine APP

Set up my new Tablo TUNER Antenna Adapter into my NVIDIA Shield 500 a few days back. Previously used TV for local channels. My Location is in semi-middle of two major broadcast area so with my outdoor antenna I get both the Phoenix AZ market and the Tuscon AZ market both had for most all channels very excellent signal levels. In fact both areas I can pick up clean signals in about a 160 arc of the antenna.
My issue is using my current zip 85119, I see all the channels and can watch all the channels from both cities with out issue. But the guide is missing groups. I have tried several rescans and updates. I finally tried several other zip codes for towns around the area, if I move zip closer to Tuscon I lose several channels guide data including a couple major (ABC, etc). If I move zip closer to Phoenix I lose several of the Tuscon feeds. Each loss is is one of the prime stations I desire to record.
Again I can watch the channels just can not see guide data or select the record for shows on the channel.

Any way to add two zip codes (my old direct local tuner AM-21 allowed double zip code for this very reason)?
Or any way to force the guide to cover the whole area?

Contact Tablo support with the zip code and missing channels, they will get them added. Unfortunately it usually takes a few weeks but they will eventually get them in there.

You can send us a ticket with the details here:

I will sit down and compile a list of station IDs and listing channel number that are not showing data. It is about 20-25 of them.

No need. If you send us your ENGINE ID from the ‘About’ screen in the app, we’re able to generate a report on the missing data and send it straight to our provider. Less work for you :slight_smile: