Guide Filter - Broadcaster Resolution (SD vs HD)

When viewing Movies in the Guide, I find that I rely on my personal knowledge of which channels broadcast in either 720p or 1080i. How about a guide filter that allows one to displays channels that broadcast in HD? Since the Tablo already knows this (and recommends 1080i/720p broadcasters in the channel scan). I DO realize that some content on channels broadcasting in 1080i or 720p is not necessarily HD, but this type of filter would prevent me from manually filtering each “HD channel” one by one to see which movies are upcoming for those broadcasters.

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This should be possible based on guide data however there are many other features that would likely to get prioritization over this one.

Still, if this is your #1 request, make sure to tell us that in the next customer survey!

While I’m sure there are other feature requests older and requested more then this request, does this have anything to do with guide data.

To me it seems to be that this request has more to do with having some indication which channels are 1080i or 720p. Maybe like other equests that wish to have those channels marked with an HD indicator. If moves, sports, or TV shows were filtered by channel, channels that are HD could be marked with HD