Guide enhancements

Here are a few features I would like to see:

  1. An option for an onscreen guide .
  2. The ability to view the guide while streaming either live or recorded TV without the use of a separate device (I use an iPad for playback/airplay and my iPhone for checking the guide) which is a pain.
  3. Native/universal iPhone app.

Viewing the guide without interrupting airplay on the ipad would be a great enhancement.

 Also, I would like to be able to jump to certain time and dates on the guide without have to just swipe the guide. Maybe a drop down for dates and times.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Adding this to the giant ‘wish list’. 

Great topic coinciding you tie your whole subscription model to guide data. More value-add for the subscription is clearly needed… but first, BIG KUDOS on the current tv, sports, movie views and especially the new and premiering views. Very helpful to setup recordings… then, well, they become quite boring and forgettable. Noise even. 

I must admit I expected more considering Tivo charged for guide data (what, a decade ago now). I just assumed a subscription based guide must be EXCITING and full of IMDB data, providing compelling second screen experiences as you select shows and episodes… ah no. It’s a stagnant high-res promo graphic and show description you read once the forever scroll past to get to your shows… and a boring old channel lineup guide. Worse, less than half my shows even have promo graphics and descriptions. Very little additional value to me here and clearly a miss-match between my expectations and Tablo marketing. 

With that said, I understand a subscription model is the holy grail for companies. With more value-add guide features… I could support this… As-is, I would suggest a pay-per-use model… a little fee as I use the guide data to add recordings could be fair for what is delivered. Even a sponsored model could work well in place of any fee at all… watch an ad for every recording added from the guide. 

I’m just saying, don’t follow the Tivo pricing model and not update the experience for the modern times. I want “to want” to interact with the guide data for every episode of every show… if I’m paying a monthly subscription for it. This guide better start offering me second screen experiences like per show/episodes links to social media sites and hashtags, actor profiles with next episode/show lists. Links to back episodes online! Hell… 30% of every show are commercials, the guide should know which ones and present that to me and even suggest what other shows I might like, based on where else these commercials play. The best part of Amazon shopping is the “other suggested items”… find a way to bring this to a guide and do it with the whole internet in mind… social sites, streaming media content, products links. Do something to make TV fresh or become just another Tivo.

@Thumbs - Thanks for your feedback. We’re always looking at ways to make Tablo better so we really appreciate your ideas.