Guide empty on fire tablet

Has anybody gotten this light-blue screen ? This is from side-loaded chrome on fire tablet.

Would the tablet be in airplane mode?

Turn on Airplane Mode

Turn off your wireless connection when you are not using it on your Fire tablet. Help for 4th Generation, 5th Generation, 6th Generation, and 7th Generation Fire Tablets.

Note: When you turn off your wireless connection, you cannot buy, download, stream, or sync your content.

Yes, I was in airplane mode. I turned that off, but kept Wi-Fi on. I refreshed the page, got back to Live, and it looked OK for about a second. Then back to the blank guide page :frowning:

Now it is magically OK @#$%&-+()

Facebook and Amazon were sucking all of the tablet’s bandwidth as they scraped all your data off to their servers.

Amazon, maybe. But, believe it or not, I’ve never done FB. Having now revealed that, I’ve probably put a big target on my back :confused:

You know you have a problem if Amazon starts suggesting that you might enjoy various music from South Korean rapper Tablo.

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I have same problem on ShieldTV, everyday morning no guide comes I have to remove and add the tablo device to get back.

This is definitely not part of the typical user experience with the Tablo app. Don’t hesitate to send our team a note and we can see what’s up.

Are you saying that tablo support would expect good response times as a typical user experience for all situations.

I don’t remember the user listing the fire tablet model, Fire OS version, number of OTA channels, what WiFi ban was used, what the other three tablo tabs were doing, what the actual tablo unit was doing, etc.

Here is a potential bug.

Assume you have multiple tablo units, you have finished watching a recording and want to delete the recording. If you delete the recording and before it completes you accidentally hit the back button you get blown out of the tablo app(you are two levels deep) and back to the Roku main menu.

This seems to start occurring on the latest Roku release for a Roku 4200 -

This just happened to me on a Nexus-7 ( the newer one, but that’s still pretty old ). So, that doesn’t seem to indicate a problem-dependence of the local device. Another difference that eliminates local-dependence is that I saw this with my Fire Tablet at home, but on the Nexus at work ( of course, using TABLO CONNECT ).

Here’s what happens when I scroll through the guide. It just turns that light blue :frowning: