Guide download time

The guide is taking 30+ minutes going on an hour to download. I feel it has locked up or froze. What should I do?

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Is this the first time you have downloaded the guide data or have you downloaded data before?

It will vary depending on your internet speed and the number of channels you are downloading data for. On the settings page it should show the percentage completed. If that number does not change after several minutes, you may be right that for some reason it has locked up. You should be able to reset your Tablo by quickly pressing the blue reset button on the back. If you don’t have a blue reset button, you can unplug the power supply to reboot your Tablo. Note this will reboot your Tablo, so only do this if nothing is recording. Once your Tablo is finished rebooting, go to the settings page and check for when the guide was last updated and/or click to update now if needed.

Good luck!

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I use the web app. There have been times I’ve added channels (updated my lineup) and get the updating guide data. It seems to just stay on 0% for an extended period on have the pulsating around the tablo in the menu.

I continue using it and with function. I believe, in part, it download “text” for the information – then takes longer time to get all the graphics.
This has been my experience and it’s been a while since I’ve started fresh with nothing. But I have found even though it says it’s still updating… you can still use it, there’s a back arrow.

Of course this may vary/depend wich platform your tablo as well.

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I only have 28 channels in my guide. But if I turn the unit off for over 14 days, it can take over 30 minutes to update the guide. It first slowly deletes all the out of date entries. And that is all of them. Then it adds only the new ones. And that is all of them.

I notice with the web app, when I rescan, the guide will update showing the progress along the way. Then it will start over “updating” at 0% progress and stay there with the pulsating around the tablo. Then if I reload the web app the guide will say updated and the pulsating is gone.

Yes, that’s clearer explanation of what I kind’s, like… meant. -tanks-

Even though it doesn’t seem to say it’s done or even progressing …doesn’t mean it’s not.
Unsure how this may compare with other apps/devices.

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