Guide doesn’t match the broadcast station

Does anyone else feel that you are getting the run around on fixing a Chanel that has the wrong guide. My TV picks up the right information, but the Tablo does not. I feel this should be an easy fix, but when I called in they said 3 different things within 5 min. We pay for this guide and they should make every effort to make it right. I think it sounds like a class action.

You’re silly :rofl:

Ok, really… you’d think, but as you’ve discovered, it isn’t. Most of the posts are for getting data for newly added channels. I’ve hit it a couple of times, it can take many several weeks.

As for the wrong data. There could be various issues involved, not necessarily due to the guide data. There are rare issues with zip codes and which channels you get, or don’t get. Where changing codes make a difference - I know little about this.

As for sub-channels, at times the local broadcasters [lack of a full] tech staff to set up all the configurations.

If your TV automatically picks up the channel guide Tablo should be able to. And when it isn’t right they shouldn’t try to give you lame excuses. He said first that I was wrong it wasn’t a defy chanel it was NBC. Then he said that it didn’t have a guide and was just grabbing the closest channel. Then he said the signal was weak and that it couldn’t get the guide. I don’t care if it has their pics all I need is for the guide to be right so I can record what I want.

This is incorrect. The TV is getting the guide data from the PSIP in the broadcast stream. Tablo gets the guide data from Gracenote, a guide data provider. If the station is putting the correct data in the PSIP stream, but not publishing that same data to the guide providers, it’s their error. One way to check that is to see if TitanTV has the correct guide data.

Alternatively, Gracenote could be associating the wrong station with the channel you’re seeing in your zip code. You can test that by providing a different zip code that’s near yours but closer to the incorrect station location.


You need a product that only uses the embedded PSIP data. But you picked a product that uses a guide provider.

I think there are a number of threads on missing guide data from low powered stations. But you didn’t identify what the station in question is. I’ll just wait for the law suit for more information.

I agree getting the guide data should be easier, but I think the broadcasters are to blame. I often find the PSIP data is missing, incomplete or inaccurate for my local channels.
I can understand something is better than nothing as in the OP case, so it would seem to make sense to have the PSIP as a backup option. But I don’t know if it could work easily with the way Tablo displays programs and records series.

To add, a big yes to TitanTV! Compare it with which seems to use Gracenote while Titan doesn’t. If Zap is wrong as well… then Gracenote for what ever reason or whomever to blame isn’t getting the data straight.

Titan TV has the correct guide.

If zap2it doesn’t have the correct listing open a zap2it ticket. Then use different zipcodes closer to the station to see if or when zap2it reports the desired schedule.