Guide disappears

Ive got a 4th Gen. My guide is up to date, but when i filter for my favorite channels, only the first 4 have data and the rest are blank. When i remove the filter they all have data. It’s like I’m only allowed 4 favorites…

I have this same issue with the Tablo app on onn Google TV. When the guide is filtered to Favorites, only the first four shown channels have program data:

The workaround is to change the filter to All, scroll through all the channels, then flip back to Favorites.

FYI - The Tablo app on iOS does not have this issue: The guide works well with the Favorites filter.

@Jim_Jost : On what device are you seeing this issue?

I’m using the app through Google TV, since LG is not yet supported. I’ve scrolled through all the channels, bur when i go back to favorites the guide data is still missing.

I asked about the same issue in November 2023

@TabloTV said “this is a known issue, but we’re hoping to improve it as soon as we can”

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