Guide data

Under the “movies” and “sports” section the guide info lists shows from April, and today is May 4th. Why would these movies/sports show up in the guide to record if the current date is past the ability to record? It seems like these past time shows should be removed from the guide data the day after they air if not sooner. Some of them are like a week past the air date. What gives?

Hi @jwhitesel - there are a couple of explanations and fixes for this issue.

First, what device are you using to access your Tablo?
If it’s a tablet, make sure the date and time are correct on the device. If they’re not, this will throw off the guide data for the Tablo app.

If that’s not your issue, then the Tablo may have had an issue syncing with the server. 

You can get this to re-sync by Disconnecting from your Tablo, and deleting it from your device (Edit button found in top right corner of the connect screen).

When you re-connect to your Tablo, it will re-sync, and any old entries should be removed from the guide.

Hope that helps!

I am using my iPad to access. I also use my roku and 2 other iPads and an iPhone. I did as above and it removed all of the old items. Do I have to disconnect and reconnect all of my devices separately?

Just try it on one device for now, and let me know if that solves the issue. If not, send me an email at and we’ll get this fixed.