Guide data/Recording

How/can you set a Recording for channel with no guide data? My guide data is working fine for most channels however I have a few low power channels that do not seem to broadcast any guide data. For instance my local METV station(ch 49.1) broadcasts in 720 and is pretty close to my location. LOS with the towers about 6 miles away. I get guide data for that. It also has several sub channels(49.2, 49.3, etc) and none of them seem to broadcast guide data. No guide data using the tv tuner either. Without any guide data there doesn’t appear to be a way to set any recordings. Unless I’m missing it.

Also while I can watch say my local channel 49.4(H&I) on the Tablo I cannot watch it on my PC through my browser. But I can watch any other show on my PC that has guide data.

So it appears having guide data must be pretty useful for the Tablo.

If you want the guide data fixed you submit a ticket with your zip code and missing channel numbers. The guide provider will update the guide distribution. Some times you can use a zip code closer to the antenna tower of the missing channels and get the guide.

If that also doesn’t have guide data you can use manual recording until the guide data is updated.

Thanks…that worked. Easy Peazy once I saw it.

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Obviously there is some guide data because I can look at the programming guide on the TVGuide channel and the info is there. On the Tablo App it just shows a Hash mark vs blank info.

Just drop us a line and we’ll work on getting this fixed up for you: