Guide data on channel

Where I live a can get 2 different 19-1 channels.  WOIO(Cleveland) and WYFX(Youngstown).  The Tablo currently sees it as WYFX based on the way my antenna is pointing.  The issue is it pulled the guide data for WOIO. :(  So how can I either get the correct guide data or no guide data for that channel.  Also is possible for the Tablo to see both 19-1 channels?  I know Windows Media Center can see both, again if I adjust my antenna.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

@mrnovice This is pretty rare, but we’ve seen it once or twice. We’re putting in some changes to protect users from situations like this in a future build. We can fix it now, though, by logging in remotely. Just send me a ticket with your MAC address and w can get you fixed up.