Guide Data not working

I just got the tablo and have had a few problems with it.  The first thing to get solved is the guide.  Its not working for me from a chrome browser on windows 7 or from two different android devices using the mobile app.  As a result, I cannot scroll my list of channels.  The list on the left cannot be scrolled and the scroll bars on the right and bottom are basically greyed out and cannot be moved either.  I cannot access all of the channels.  Even if i didnt have the guide, I should still be able to access all my channels when clicking on live TV.   The channels I can click seem to be working fine.

I’ve tried clicking the update now button, Ive tried factory reset, Ive looked in these forums and cannot find an answer to my problem.

One thing I can think of is to check your zip code in Settings. Do the other views (e.g. Prime Time) show anything? Does a subscription show up in Settings?

Nothing shows up in primetime etc.  Under the subscription on the settings page it says, your subscription expires March 17th.  Its the free thirty day trial.  I’ve hit refresh it doesnt do anything.  When I hit manage, it says i have to buy a subscription and it will cancel my 30 day free trial, so I’m not willing to do that until i can see it actually working.  This is just one of the many issues im having right now.  Hard drive is inconsistent, recorded playback on roku not working.  

I’m experiencing something like this, a few of my channels are missing chunks of the guide data. Which is important because on CW tonight I want to record the flash, but it’s missing!

So I went to manually schedule it in, but the manual page is blank!

WTF is happening! 

Is this in Chrome browser?

I cannot use the Chrome browser because everything is blank when I connect. I have to delete the Tablo, rescan for Tablos, connect, and sync every time I connect in Chrome Browser. Works fine on my Galaxy Note 4 with the native Android app.

Do you get guide data on any other devices?

I started a thread about it and did try a couple suggestions but never really pursued a solution because I only connect to manage things and not watch so I just use my phone.

@slimsim It’s possible that our guide data doesn’t have any channel data available in your area. We can fix this on our end; can you send me a PM or a ticket with your Tablo’s MAC address included? 

@pngwolffman You could be having the exact same issue - but with a few channels missing rather than all of them. Can you send me a note too?

@roraneil The Tablo Android app on smartphones is basically the portal wrapped up for your phone. Performance should more or less be the same - unless there are some plugins/extensions running on your PC interfering somehow. Can you try syncing to your Tablo in an Incognito browser? Same problem?

@TabloSupport I’m not sure what’s happening, but I’ve found out that the android apps tv guide is working fine. The problem seems to be limited to the Chrome browser.

I sent you a PM with my MAC address TabloSupport 

I cant get the guide to show up on any device (roku, s3 mini phone, nexus 7 tablet, or windows 7 pc with chrome)

Also, TabloSupport, can you address my other concern?  Even if I dont have the guide, I should still be able to scroll the channel list and at least access all my channels.  I cannot even watch half the channels I have right now.  This shouldnt have anything to do with the guide.  Why is it not scrolling, even without the guide??

@Slimsim is the time and date correct on your computer? I had rolled mine back because of a bug in MakeMKV and I had the same issue with my guide. Adjusted the date and time to the correct time and date fixed the issue.

Nevermind I see on another post you said it doesn’t work on any device.

Do you know how long it typically takes to fix missing guide data?  I submitted my ticket a week ago and you responded, but I was just wondering what to expect.  All my best.

@javajeff972 - The average is about 7 days but it can take a bit longer sometimes. Pop us a note if you still don’t have anything by Monday.

@slimsim I just sent you a note - but the scrolling limitation is not an effect of the missing guide data. 

You’re quite right: even without any guide data, you should be able to scroll through your live TV screen without any issues. This could be an issue with some browser extensions or plugins, though - do you have the same issue if you use an Incognito tab?

After about a week of back and forth emails with support, they told me to change the zip code I was using.   Apparently the zip code I live at doesn’t work.   I changed it to some other zip code they gave me and the guide is working.  I’m not sure if they did anything else they didn’t tell me about.

Anyway, I’m guessing the scrolling issue will come back once my free month runs out and I will probably be opening up another ticket with them at that time, but for now I’m content because I have the guide and the scrolling works.

And just to reply to your question, the scrolling issue was not isolated to one device.  It was doing the same thing on pc/chrome as it was on the android app for a samsung phone and a nexus tablet.   It was not working for anyone of them, so its not some caching issue or plugin issue with the browser. 

@slimsim - Some zip codes don’t have all of the correct data associated with them for one reason or another. We generally work with our guide data provider to make sure this is updated but switching to another nearby zip code is a quick & easy fix.