Guide data missing some channels

Hello, Im in LA area, why is some of my guide data not visible for some PBS channels? 28.2? I get data on 28.1 and 28.3 but not 28.2?

You would probably first have to figure out if your PBS is from KCET or KLCS. Then based on which PBS open a ticket for the missing guide. And/or try a different zip code closer to the tower.

Hi, 28.1 is from KCET and is is KOCE

L.A. is a hodge podge of overlapping stations, networks, and content. I would open a ticket and try a zip code closer to the station.

it wont let me change my zip to an LA location because its using my location. i get 28.1 and 28.3 so i cant figure out why 28.2 is missing

There’s no reason it shouldn’t let you change location. Try a different app if one isn’t letting you because of your GPS setting. (Example: do it on your TV)

Yeah, 28.2 CREATE is missing. I’ve reported it, too.

It’s KCET Create.
The schedule is here.

And yes, all the other channels appear properly from the same broadcaster.

And to head off the other obvious question, no, it is not the same as KLCS CREATE on 58.3 which has a different schedule entirely.

Looks like it finally appeared.
Just in time for KCET to announce today they’re changing their name to PBS SoCal Plus.

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