Guide data have stopped updating

Hi. This is just a rehash of other users’ similar problems, but I have not been able to rectify my problem by the means mentioned by those users. Maybe someone has another suggestion.

I cannot get the guide data to download to my computer. After rescanning for channels and adding them, the guide is now completely devoid of any channels. I have followed other suggestions (change ZIP code, rescan, update, repeat steps several times, etc., etc., etc.), all to no avail.

I have a connection to the Tablo from my desktop as well as my laptop and the laptop is functioning fine. But the desktop is coming up empty. It was fine yesterday.

Please, are there any other suggestions I can try?


“laptop is functioning fine” implies that the guide data is correct on the laptop and thus must be correct on the tablo server.

“change ZIP code, rescan, update” all have to do with the guide data not being correct on the tablo server.

I will have to assume that the desktop is accessing the tablo via a WEB browser. Which browser and version and which OS is unknown. Could it be that either the particular browser is unsupported or that it’s cache is corrupt - in which case the tablo needs to be cleared from the browser cache.

Thanks for your reply. I’m using Safari (latest version) on a 2010 iMac. It’s not unsupported since I have been using it with no problem until now. Also, I am having no problems using the guide data on a MacBook Pro, also using Safari. Thank you for the suggestion about clearing out the browser cache. I will try doing that.

I recently started having a similar problem.

The guide is completely empty on my MacBook Pro running Safari 10.1.2. But using the Tablo app on Roku the guide renders perfectly.

The only thing that’s recently changed are the Apple updates I installed for Safari (10.1.2) and the security update (OS 10.12.6). Prior to that the guide was functioning normally.

Try disconnect/delete cache data/rescan/resync.

If that doesn’t work try deleting Tablo app on your device and reinstall.

Well, that helped a little. Now there’s a partial guide but it will intermittently disappear when the guide is scrolled up/down or right/left. Sometimes the guide will reappear, sometimes it won’t.

Whatever the problem it’s gotta be something specific to this most recent version of Safari or the OS.

@marshall Are you still having the same issue? We should be able to get to the bottom of this quickly if our team can connect with you. You can reach us here.

@Todd.B I’m using the same version of Safari and the same OS without any issues… Odd. Do you have the same problem if you try a private window?


After repeated clearing (Tablo and browser), zip code updates and channel scans (I stopped counting after 9 times) the guide is now working correctly. Though I have no idea why.

Thanks, Wolfpack! I followed your suggestion, I think. When I disconnected, the synced data weren’t deleted until I clicked on the little X in the top right corner. I didn’t think about that deleting the data, but then after I reconnected and it synced, the data were all there. I didn’t even bother to rescan.

Problem resolved.

When the issue is localized to a browser on a specific machine and not the server it is always wise to delete all the tablo artifacts from the WEB browser cache.

Once I delete the tablo itself from the AWEB app and exit the tablo WEB app, I’m usually paranoid enough to clear the remaining cache again via the browser settings menu. Of course that may affect other apps. I then exit and restart the browser, start the tablo WEB app and let got through tablo rediscovery again. That causes a resync.

That usually fixes all local sync issues.