Guide Data: Great American Baking Show (Misnamed)

@TabloTV @TabloSupport - FYI - In the guide Premiering on Dec 7th the new season of “The Great American Baking Show” on ABC seems to be labeled as “The Great Holiday Baking Show”

Now I don’t really care as long as my Wife gets the recording of it, but some people may be unable to find it in the guide to record it.

@MotobikeMan Tx for the heads-up.

Often times when a show has a name change like this, they’ll enter the new airdates & other information into the system using the previous show ID (what we use to set scheduling).

Of course that show ID has a title and imagery with the previous name.

In many cases, the show ID gets updated with the new title and new imagery before the first episode airs.

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FWIW the name didn’t update

@MotobikeMan Tx for the update. Wonder if it updated for anyone else?

In the Dallas TX market, WFAA channel 8-1 still lists this show in Tablo as “The Great Holiday Baking Show”. Since I had it scheduled from the previous season, it’s recording episodes (most recent episode 7 December, where the new hosts introduce the new format and call the program the Great American Baking Show).