Guide Data Cost?

I’ve been playing with the Plex DVR options lately. I’ve also been playing with the XBox One tuner on my XB1. Both options include guide data at no additional cost, and the Plex DVR experience seems very similar to Tablo with respect to posters, categorizations, and overall tv show metadata.

How can these solutions provide guide data for free, yet we’re charged $60 US annually for the almost identical info for Tablo? Any ideas?

Everyone should have free choice and consume what they want in a capitalistic economy.

Well, keep mind it isn’t really free with Plex either. You must have Plex Pass, which is $5/$40/$120 per month/year/lifetime. Granted, Plex Pass has lots of other benefits as well but it providing the guide data at no additional cost besides Plex Pass itself is one of them.

I got Plex Pass primarily because I use the Mobile Sync a lot and it’s only available with Plex Pass.

Are there really “any ideas” for a user who appears to already have a tablo and is concerned about the $60 yearly subscription price?

Before the purchase they should have evaluated the alternatives - their features and costs. If the product doesn’t meet their current needs move on to a product they think does.

It’s rather hard to justify or rationalize some other persons situation. When I visit my psychotherapist next week I’ll ask if they have any ideas.

When I purchased my 4 tuner Tablo, I evaluated the other options available to me at the time. For my needs, Tablo had the best features at a price that was comfortable for me. I have to admit that I went with the annual subscription my first year, hedging my bets because there were some issues at the time, which have since been resolved. As my first year of Tablo was closing in, I decided it really was worth it to me, and signed on for the lifetime subscription. We each have to figure that out on our own. I am very happy with my Tablo, and don’t regret my decision to buy the Tablo and the lifetime subscription.

To clarify as there seems to be some confusion with my question. Does anyone know why we pay $60 US (and that’s $77 CDN for me) a year for something that others don’t charge anything for? I did NOT buy the lifetime subscription as most technology these days doesn’t last more than 3 years before it’s outdated or broken. I’ve paid $231 for data that is now being provided by others for free. Yes, I bought a lifetime Plex Pass for $75 but that was way before DVR capabilities were envisioned so that price couldn’t have possibly included guide data, the money is clearly for the devs at Plex.

So I’ll just state the obvious: I think $60/year is too much for something that is now being given away for free.

No confusion about your question at all, mate. It sounds like you made a bad decision based on a flawed assumption.

No business that wants to stay in business gives anything away for free – none.