Guide Aggregation of movies - cross channel

I see this from time to time as in the example below. Night of the Living Dead appears twice in the movies guide (one is from the “Comet”network , the other listing from the “Movies” network). When I see this, I always wonder if
A. The guide provider is having a tech issue with aggregating
B. The guide provider has incorrectly classified one of the two (ex. Maybe assigning guide data and artwork for the original vs the “remake” inadvertently
C. Something with the Tablo itself.

Anyone have experience with this or ideas?

It’s likely a mix of these two.

Every program has its own unique ID. That’s what Tablo relies on to group things.

If there’s something slightly different (like the colorized version or the edited version) it could have a different ID.

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Returns detailed metadata about all versions of a specified movie. Versions may differ by details such as format (e.g., 3D, IMAX), runtime, or language.

Suggesting if any of returned “details” values are different… it’s a different version. Tablo doesn’t display all meta data to consumers.