Guest Network for Tablo

Since I wasn’t using the Guest Network so I enabled it and using it for Tablo only. I have connected the Roku 4 and still need to do Tablo and NP.
I was figuring that would eliminate streaming problems while I’m watching and surfing the net.

Most likely not. The Guest network just isolates the devices to a separate SSID on your wireless router but you are still taking up channels and bandwidth on the Wireless device, i.e. you are still sharing the throughput with all the other devices on the wireless access point.

I’ll try to find the specs and how it operates with the Guest network. I have TP Link Archer C7 router and a Zoom 5341J cable modem.

I have dedicated the 5ghz band on my router to the Tablo and Roku and NP… all other stuff uses the 2.4 ghz band. Seems to work well. I give that band a different SSID and don’t allow phones, tablets, etc to auto log in to that particular SSID.

Occasionally the NP will log out and then log back in to the 2.4 Ghz band. I need to “forget” that SSID in the NP but just haven’t done it yet.

Sometimes the NP was dropping the 5 GHZ network. Because it is going through a wall. So I made the Guest Network 2.4. So far, no problems.