Green flashing when playing from phone

I recently started having a problem playing recordings from my phone, Samsung s7 edge. There is a constant green flashing on all recordings. When the video lags or buffers the screen is a solid green instead of the normal black.

When casting to a newer version Chromecast the recording plays normally, except the constant buffering and hangups which I was experiencing before. Any ideas? Tablo is hardwired to the router.


Have you tried looking at the recordings via the Web browser interface? ( If the Web interface gives similar results, it could be the recordings themselves.

Do you have T-Mobile or someone else? There are at least me and another person that have T-Mobile Galaxy S7 with the problem. It started with the last update. My Nexus 9 Tablet doesn’t have the problem. What version is installed on the Tablo itself? The other person and I have 2.2.9 on Tablo. @kamy2015 and I have problem on T-Mobile S7

@TabloTV YouTube, MLB.TV, Netflix, and everything else plays normal. Only Tablo hasd flashing green.

Hey all, thanks for posting here. Please keep us updated in this thread with your experiences. We’re working to identify as much data as we can here.

@TabloSupport a note I forgot to mention to David, which is when I hit the back button while it is playing, the picture turns normal for a second before asking if I want to exit Tablo. Hope the team finds it soon, but I have a couple of tablets and NP and Roku to watch on. I left a tablet at work ($50 Amazon tablet)…NOT WAY would I leave my Nexus 9 tablet at work.

I got my replacement phone and said update later!!

I’m running 2.2.8 Tablo and Android 6.0.1 on a T-mobile S7 Edge as well.

Beastman- did you get T-mobile to issue you a phone?

I dropped it and the glass broke a little on the front. I had to pay the deductible. I figured the phone is so new they don’t have refurbished yet.

Or should I say it fell threw a hole in my pocket. But since I now the problem, I’m waiting to update.

I Google and found something for them to try and sent email to David. They don’t have a Tmobile S7. I think it will be all Samsung S7 since it is Touchwiz, unless you root it.

I am ALSO, getting this GREEN SCREEN while streaming my Tablo videos on my Galaxy S7 Edge. Not only me actually, everyone on my account (6 family members). We all got the S7 Edge using T-Mobile carrier and we are all getting this green screen while streaming. This is really annoying since we all watch videos on our spare time at work. At this point we can’t do watch anything under this condition. @TabloSupport

I got brave and did the update because some other apps were not displaying correct. I don’t know if new Table app or there was a new TouchWiz, or if it is just the new phone, but I got a surprise…my Table app NO LONGER flashes green! It works normal. So others might want to check for another T-mobile update. Note: I am running beta Android Tablo. Maybe this is a later batch of phones. I got my old one on March 11. @TabloSupport at least mine is fixed.

Tablo also updated their Android app in the past day or so.

Bad news…there was a second update and that is the one that did flashing green…It’s back.
@Tablosupport I spoke to soon. It looks like the first update was required before the second. I still have flashing green.

GREAT NEWS! I did what Tablo has been unable to do because they don’t have the phone.@TabloTV I FIXED IT! Steps below:
Go to

And enable developer mode. Then go back to settings. Go to developper options.
Find “Turn off hardware overlays” and turn it on

Tablo will now play video WITHOUT flashing green. Thank you Google!

Did I earn my Tablo T-shirt :grin:

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That’s more a workaround, you shouldn’t have to disable hardware features on the phone to get the app to work :stuck_out_tongue:

Other people had problems on other apps. Not just Tablo. I don’t care what you call it, at least we can watch our Tablo recordings and live TV now.

Anyone try fixing there phone?

Thanks @beastman, it did work on my S7 Edge after turning on the option in developer menu. Like @theuser86 said, I consider this a workaround as the option setting will get reset back to default upon reboot of the phone. I hope that this workaround will give hints to Tablo developer as to where the issue came from as well as how to fix it permanently :wink:

In the meantime, I’ll remember to turn on the option whenever I need to watch Tablo on my phone :slightly_smiling:

@kamy2015 I told @TabloSupport about that last week. I thought it was an option and recompile.

Since the option gets reset when you reboot the phone, I also consider it a workaround.

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@TabloTV Does this work around give any hints to your Android team on what to change to fix it? Every time we restart our phone we need to check yes to disable hardware overlays.