Great use of Tablo

I went out for dinner.and thought I would try watching Tablo live TV and I had not used Tablo. Happy to report that with T-Mobile instead of Sprint that there was not ANY problem. If you are having problems then switch to T-Mobile
They are paying Early Termination Fees, so switch TODAY if you have problems.  No reason to wait out your contract!

I also have good success with T-Mobile.  However it pisses me off that they do not report data used for 4G versus 2G.  I don’t need 4G for email, etc, just for streaming.  I try to manually switch, and hope to use Tasker to do it automatically, but for now I pay for unlimited.

I pay for unlimited too, since in addition to Tablo, I also have SlingTV.  You know the Unlimited comes with Rhapsody Unradio for FREE.  Also the unlimited includes 5 GB WiFi HotSpot.  So I can get internet on my Windows 8.1 tablet.

1 hour of Tablo = about 1 GB.

Is there a way to add 4G/LTE to a tablet using a usb or bluetooth device?

Much like the Tablo you must use a device to manage the JetPack. The device must be wifi enabled. The JetPack transmits a wifi signal that your device connects to. Once your device is connected to the JetPack your using your 4G network.

I already have T-Mobile and don’t need a device

I am pretty sure @roraniel 's post was to answer your question “Is there a way to add 4G/LTE to a tablet using a usb or bluetooth device?”

You connect your tablet via WiFi to the JetPack. The JetPack connects to your 4G network.