Great Idea ~ sad implementation

Bought 4th generation in mid-January
Worked reasonably well despite atrocious UI.
Mid-April stopped playing back both live & recorded videos on ROKU.
Bypass ROKU → live TV works fine.
No help from Amazon® Support (refund only)
Awaiting response from TABLO/Support|

Anymore details on the “stopped playing back both live & recorded videos on ROKU” ?

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Quit working Sunday, Aprit 13th, 2024

is your Tablo wireless or hardwired?

Roku wireless too?

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All LAN connected no WiFi

sounds like you may have a bad HDMI cord too… reseat the HDMI cord to see if that helps. Faulty cables can cause a black screen.

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This looks like the splash screen when my tablo is “switching to the channel” in this case KCRA 3. This usually goes away after a few seconds of the tuner in tablo switching and buffering a bit of the channel. I’ve found that if I hit the back arrow and then tune to the channel again it works. (I know this is a dumb fix but lots of what we do with tablo is dumb sometimes.)

Unlikely, since other videos from other Roku apps work fine.
~in any case~
The Roku app has finally stopped screwing around with recorded and live videos and now works as before. all-in-all a NOT RECCOMENDED DVR

No more dumb that the developers of this Yugo of DVRs

Dont waste your time, get refund

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