Grayed Out Guide

Greetings All,

Just installed Tablo with no issues. Works great and I am receiving a lot of stations. Question, one channel which is available here, in the guide section, is grayed out with the color gray and lines. All the other ones are filled in. Any ideas?

George in sunny Florida!

OTA program guide is provided by zip code. Sometimes the provider doesn’t have a channel mapped to a specific zipcode.

So I assume it’s a gen 4, not a FAST channel, and the work around for a gen 4 is the same as a legacy device. The work around is too use a zipcode closer to the the actual missong station and see if that zip code has guide data.

And open a tablo help ticket reporting zip code and missing channel or sub-channel.

If the channel was added using a non-mobile device like a roku that’s a different problem.

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I’m also having similar issues; there is no guide information for my local CBS station (it just shows three faded dashes), but the guide information is there for my local NBC and ABC stations. I’m currently using the flat panel antenna that was included in the Tablo 4th gen box.

After some research, I found that my local NBC and ABC stations broadcast in UHF, but CBS broadcasts in High-Band VHF. Would purchasing a higher quality UHF/VHF antenna resolve the issue with the guide information? Or is the guide information something that Tablo’s guide data provider needs to update?

I’ve opened up a Tablo help ticket but just wanted to see if there’s a quicker reply here. Thanks!

If the antenna didn’t receive the channel it wouldn’t be in the guide. Did you add the any channels using a device other then a mobile device? Currently that seems to mess up the guide data. If you can go to Live TV and play the station by clicking the channel number tablo sees it. the settings channel list gives a hint at the channel signal strength.

An antenna designed for VHF is helpful. And you haven’t mentioned how far you are from the hi-vhf station.

The antenna did receive my local CBS station and it shows up in the channel list; I’m able to click on the channel and can watch CBS Live TV. I used an iPhone to add the channels and update guide data, and tried running rescans and resets. However, despite being able to watch the CBS live stream, there is no guide information (like there is for some other channels). And without guide information, I am unable to record shows on that channel.

I’m 9.1 miles to the CBS Hi-VHF station. I’m receiving the broadcast signal but not the guide data for that channel. So my hunch is that purchasing a higher quality UHF/VHF antenna won’t help with receiving guide data for CBS.

I was able to get in touch with the helpline and it may be an issue with their Gen 4 guide data provider. Hopefully it’ll be resolved in a few days and plan to provide an update.

Did you try another zip code? Some people have been able to use the neighboring zip code and have it come up fine. That would help until they get the guide fixed.

Thanks for the tip; I tried about a dozen of neighboring zip codes but the guide data still doesn’t appear.