Gracenote slow to update

A Charlie Brown Christmas will are at 6:30 pm on Dec 19 on PBS which is 18.1 in Austin Texas. It is NOT in the guide yet, but of course TutanTV has it listed.

I’m not sure about you but my Roku 14 day grid/guide doesn’t go past Friday the 19th at 4am

I searched for the program so I could schedule it to record. Tablo advertiss 14 day guide data.

Are you saying that today December 6th is a base zero day or a base 1 day when adding 14 days.

And will your show appear in the guide after 6:30PM today? And that show is also not in my guide and neither is the December 19th 60 Minutes episode.

Starting with today, Dec 6 if you count 14 days starting with 6 you end up with 19.

@TabloTV is it really 13 days and the 18th will be there tomorrow?

Since it is now 7:15 I manually updated the guide, and searched again. A Charlie Brown Christmas is there. Apparently the time enters into the 14 days. Tablo meant to say 336 hours of guide data (14*24).

I don’t think tablo meant or means to say 336 hours starting at midnight on the 6th. The 14 day guide seems to mean that some portion of the guide will extend for 14 days.

As an example, if the guide updates at 4 AM on the 6th it stops at 4AM on the 19th. Obviously if you make a manual guide update that resets the end time…

It’s pretty easy to check. All you have to do is know the time when the guide was updated, use a device that supports the 14-day live grid to turn it on, and then use the Live TV grid to see when the guide ends.

But when I start micro managing the schedule of OTA broadcasts to that level I’ll have myself committed.

I knew when the show was on and wanted to schedule before I forgot. I only have 30 minutes for lunch (last job had an hour) and scheduled recordings then nlNormally I don"t care and just discovered this after using Tablo over 6 years.

That’s kind of what I’ve found. I use some 3rd party app which calculate the actual time of the last update, not just how many hours ago. Tablo’s day is from whenever it updated at between 3 - 4am until it updates again 24hrs later.

I hesitate to admit it may be semantics. 14 24hr increments isn’t exactly the same as an actual 24 day from 12:00am - 11:59pm (00:00 - 23:59). But it’s kind of silly to define things down to such specifics and it’s a rarity when it “really matters”.

Now that I know what it does, I’ll wait until it updates again the next morning.

More than you never needed to know… if you care to know to the minute when last updated.

http://[tabloIP]:8885/server/guide/status It’s in Zulu time (which I believe is UTC). The result is in JSON format, Firefox will format JSON nicely. Chrome just displays raw data, there may be extensions and there are always CLI’s.